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Single sessions and weekend retreats

Welcome to Tantric Healing Massage & Therapy

Tantric massage and healing is a unique modality that combines ancient techniques of tantric massage, thais massage, working with the breath and sound, and the modern science of healing trauma and sexuality.

My name is Kamila Lukasik, and I’m a professional Tantric Healing & Emotional Detox Therapist. Together with my team, we hold individual Tantra retreats for couples and singles. We offer weekend retreats and individual sessions.

We are based in Valencia, on the mediterranean coast of Spain.

With Tantric Healing and therapy I guide people in their own process of releasing deeply held emotional and physical blo

The results my clients get thanks to the healing sessions are feeling a deep sense of inner peace, feeling more connected to one’s own body, being more sensual and open for the energetic movements within their body.

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You can contact me via:

Email: kamilalukasik123@gmail.com

 Healing with the Tantric massage

Tantric Healing Therapy – the method explained

Tantric Massage and Healing Therapy is a unique healing modality that combines bodywork, emotional release techniques, trauma release, energy healing, professional pelvic floor healing, shamanic healing as well as the work on boundaries and consent.

Tantric Healing Therapy is especially effective at releasing emotional and sexual traumas and blockages.

It is also a powerful tool for personal growth, transformation and spiritual awakening. It is based upon the ancient principles of Tantra and Tao in conjunction with ground-breaking Western knowledge. It is a powerful and transformative form of therapy that is capable of releasing trauma at a cellular level within the body.

What does a Tantric Healing session look like?

Elements of a tantric session:

  1. Consultation It’s important for the therapist to understand your situation, so the session can be customized to your particular needs and wishes. It is equally important for you as a client to feel understood and cared for.
  2. Guided Meditation Allowing you to get truly in touch with your body and emotions in a dynamic way.
  3. Connection Before starting the bodywork, the therapist will guide you through a connection ritual, which establishes a bond of trust between you and the therapist.
  4. Deep Bodywork Eliminating energetic blockages from your body, allowing you to release old energies, and allowing the natural flow of healing energy.
  5. Safe and Loving Space of Trust and Caring At any time during the session, the therapist will hold a loving space for you as a client, where you can feel safe and cared for in a genuine way.
  6. Yoni / Lingam Massage The way we relate to sexuality is very significant in shaping every aspect of our lives. A lot of old traumas, emotional blockages and pains of the past get stored at the sexual level of our being. The genital massage aims to relax and release these tensions you may be keeping at the sexual level, allowing you to get in touch with the inherent ecstatic nature of your sexuality. (The therapist will always ask for permission before doing a genital massage. It is not obligatory by any means.)


I do not offer single, one-off  sessions.  Let´s talk and see which treatment plan is best for you. Contact me. 


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Those people already experienced Tantric massage and Healing

Tantric Healing Therapy is a spiritual treatment for awakening, sexual healing and relationship therapy. We do not regard it as a sexual service nor is it focused upon exclusively treating one’s sexual organs; instead it is a healing therapy that treats the whole of your being.